About Asian River Cuises

Asian River Cruises has been serving the travel trade since 1987. Originally established as Pinto Basto tours, the company offered group and individual land programs in Portugal and Spain.

In 1998, the company was a pioneer in marketing river cruising on the Douro River of Portugal. Later the operation was expanded to cover all of Europe's rivers and select coastal cruisers. Then, operating as Euro River Cruises under the original management, the company specialized in selling cruises along the beautiful and historic rivers of Europe.

In 2009, the company launched SmallShips.travel, an online store for the most elegant and personalized cruising experiences around the world. Because of our history in the travel business and with these cruise lines, Small Ships is the preferred US vendor for many cruise companies, including Sea Cloud and Croisieurope.

With the growing interest in the unique waterways of Asia, Euro River Cruises & Small Ships are proud to introduce Asian River Cruises. Sail along the sacred Ganges, see wildlife along the shores of the Brahmaputra, explore the traditions of China as you sail along the Yangtze or discover the charm of Cambodia and Vietnam as you cruise along the Mekong. At Asian River Cruises we will always be able to guide you toward the trip of your dreams and get the best and most up to date price for your cruise. Our professional agents are only a call or email away.

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Our Cruise Ships

Our comfortable cruise ships are as unique as the routes we prepared for you.